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Founded by former command from the famous 82nd Airborne for I44 (c. 2012), the 25th ID wishes to continue the aggrandization of historical MilSim, and tactical, coordinated, and simulated environments during the Vietnam War.

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Toggle %s How to fix the wrong version of the Trung Si map

Posted By:  PFC J. Williams @ 16 April 2017 - 01:52 PM
  1. Open your steam press "Community" then open Workshop.
  2. in the search tab of workshop type "arma 3"
  3. At the top left you should see Home browse discussions about. press Browse then sellect "subscribed items"
  4. Make sure you unsubscribe to "Sounkomar Sahav 0.8"
  5. Go to teamspeak and go up to *** MODPACK - REPO ***
  6. There is a TRUNG SI CORRECT VERSION WITH a link download that and delete the old map "folder you had before"
  7. And you should be done!

If you have any Futher questions contact

PFC J.Williams or SPC J. Andersson

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Toggle %s Explosive and mine regulations

Posted By:  SGT L. Nixon @ 25 March 2017 - 10:04 AM

Good day gentlemen,


As I have noted down by looking in multiple inventories, I see a lot of explosives. Which I do not approve of, thus I hereby revoke it for everyone to carry explosives or mines. Only combat engineers may carry them or if I or SSG Zoller approve off it. If I do catch you with any explosive or mine without any of our permissions you will be revoked from explosives, mines and grenades until you can proof that you either won't do it again or join a training from Dreadnaught, if caught after that again, I can tell you you're in trouble. 

For the mines, please, if you have been granted to place them by me or SSG Zoller, mark them on the map so you know where they are, mark them with dots and mark the area with a wide red circle.


To the squadleaders, pick 1 or 2 people from your squad that want to become the squads explosive specialist, we shall train him/them in order for the squad to have some explosives when we are not around.



Thank you for reading and please R&A



Sergeant Lewis Nixon

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Toggle %s General information Public SERVER

Posted By:  2LT A.Joensson @ 21 March 2017 - 08:20 AM

Did a update for the ACE system last night. So it matches the steam update.
As most of you know we have updated the Task Force Radio system.
Becouse we needed to get on the sam level with the server and your clients. And also the 64 bit version.
Get to your @Task_force_radio and move it out of you arma 3 folder. ( Or delete it )
get the new version from here = https://github.com/m...1.-1.0.217.zip/
unpack it to your place where you have your other @ folders in your arma 3 folder.
Make sure you enter your new and fresh @Task_force_radio folder, find the teamspeak folder within and click on the teamspeak plugin inside so the plugin is started.
Restart your teamspeak, click on your self to se if it has updated. 

Troubleshooting = does it not work, try start teamspek in Administrator mode. If not, try seek out one of the good technicians we have here in 25th.

What does this ingame? You will get moved automaticly to the channel that the map demands you to be in. You cant move out. Make sure you dont hop into the channel before the map is loaded.
Better sound inside veichles when you speak, and the global positioning system for radio trafik is updated. Plus alot more fetures.


With the new 64 bit update, they released a dynamic group system to improve the Ai. 
We have started to implement it on the insurgency maps, couse it also improves the performance of the server. 
The medical system is also updated on thoose maps. So make sure you bring surgical kit and PAKs. 
The logistics system is also in there to be used by Dreadnaught.
If you arent a pilot, make sure you dont slot in as a pilot. But if you have the "stamp for approval" from Golf Company or Banschee unit, you may.

Updated maps = 25thinsurgency_pj_v003.us101_Cao_Bang
                         25thinsurgency_pj_v003.blud_cordelia ( Trung Sii map / Cambodia )


The server is updated, and the work has been saved from former action on the Da Krong map.
My plan is to keep the map up and running until we can move with a smooth transfer towards the @Trung Si map. ( within 2-3 weeks) 
Im also looking into the "hearts & minds" system and mutch more fetures that is server side and not client side.

"Having a permanent BCT map?"
Is this something that is interesting? 
becouse we have been using a test server for a short while, with the BCT map loaded. The server is a old server, and do not cope with to mutch stress.
But you can still be 10-20 ppl on it without performance issues. So in genereal, have acces to a Rifle Range, Pistol Range, Grenade Range, Arty Range and also rotary for the pilots.
 Alos gaining acces to the general AiT training facility to improve Fireteam and Squads.


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Toggle %s 25th ALiVE Server.

Posted By:  2LT A.Joensson @ 25 February 2017 - 12:28 PM

At the moment the 25th ALiVE server is up and running. 
There are some "monday issues" with it still, Unsung mod does not play well with the other kids in the yard. So alot of configs/scripts had to been sorted out, and are still being sorted out.

The Server is open for anyone who is within the 25th ID. Also if you have friends, fellow friends to the unit. And ppl that you can sell your left nut for. 
- > Take a look at the Description on TS. < -

Take a note:
- That the server is persistent. Everything you do has a effect on either US, the CIVs or the NVA. 
- If you manufacture from the factory, USE ONLY OBJECTS KNOW TO THE VIETNAM ERA. 1960s.
( Anything ells will be deleted, and a notice will be taken, from the logs. )
- If a veichle is destroyd, it takes 48 h, before the logistics can reinforce it with a new one. 
- The enemy uses asymentric warfare, combined with occupation. So dont expect to have constant contact. It takes the EI same amount of time to move from one side to the map as we do, ( walking ). 

Any other questions, then please join me at my office on TS. Or ask someone that plays ALiVE here on 25th regulary. They will gladly help.

( Will shortly update with rules for the SERVER, think we all need to be on the same page, on this one. )

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Toggle %s Promotion board Hearing: 02/26

Posted By:  1LT D.Deluca @ 24 February 2017 - 03:56 PM


We will hold a promotion board hearing this sunday to fill spots. If interested in an interview, please comment on this thread:

Name & Rank
Time in grade
Time in unit
Desired role
Current role



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