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Founded by the aforementioned command personnel from the esteemed 82nd Airborne Division, the 25th ID ties in veterans, military enthusiasts, and active duty personnel alike for a unique, historical, and engaging experience. Officially opening in early October of 2016, the 25th prides itself in a history of excellence, dedicative efficiency, and extraordinary cohesiveness.

As per other delegated information might suggest, the 25th Infantry Division for Unsung 3.0 strives to provide a dedicated recreational platform for historical military simulation. This ties in battlefield ethos, edictum, and training, into one, with a coordinated infrastructure and command element providing directives for junior enlisted.
Seriousness is imperative, as with our previous renditions of historical simulation and/or virtual reenactment, and members will be addressed of appropriate customs, courtesies, and interactions to help enhance immersion and cohesiveness. However, fun, is tantamount to this.

Combined Arms
With the nature of the Vietnam War, members of the 25th Infantry Division often find themselves corresponding between air and ground elements to conduct mission objectives. Air-Assault is key, with emphasis on the utilization of transport birds such as the UH-1 'Bell' Huey. Members may join the Rotary detachment of the air-wing immediately upon entering into the unit, should slots be open.

Due to the acquisition of a dedicated server, the 25th hosts a variety of missions and operations, ranging from official to unofficial, involving things as menial as speaking to civilians, or as intense as defending an outpost from NVA onslaught. The time and dates for these vary, however, items and events takeplace throughout the week, with official operations more likely than not; taking place on Saturday.

To better delegate and inform subordinates of topics of information that may need to be discussed, trainings happen on the norm, ranging from learning mod functionalities to combat maneuvers, so the unit may effectively perform mission tasks and designated assignments.

Activity and Miscellaneous Information
With catering to schedules in play, the 25th requires no activity other than what you wish to provide. However, as with other units, leadership roles will only be filled by those whom are able - or wish to - commit to them. Members may join other units so long as they are not malicious, or take place during or utilizing the Unsung modification for their platform.

Mods include:
APEX(no pop-ups, but required for foliage)