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Regulations and Edictum


REG 1. Effective of the Ninth(9th) of October, 2016, all members, officers, and enlisted personnel of the 25th Infantry Division shall herein abide by these rules and regulations as delegated per Command Staff.

REG 2. Effective of the Ninth(9th) of October, 2016, all new enlistee(s) shall herein obtain the rank of PRIVATE(PVT/E-1), with no exception to such regulation unless otherwise deemed by Command Staff.
  • Inducted enlistees who bring one(1) friend and/or individual to enlist alongside him, are eligible to receive the rank of PV2 immediately upon enlistment.

  • REG 3. Herein; in all formal situations, all NCOs+ MUST be addressed by their rank as per Customs and Courtesies.
    1a - Formal situations include, but are not limited to instances in which;
  • The NCO/Officer in question requests formality
  • Channels other than personal offices, including the public channels/server play channels
  • Training is in session
  • 25th members are in the presence of public players(unless said public player is a friend of an individual(s).

  • 2a - Formal situations may be adjourned by NCOs or Officers if there are no higher individuals to contradict their permise.

    3a - In the instances of officers, alternatives to their rank, or abbreviations thereof, are included as follows:
  • Sir
  • Ma’am

  • 4a - In the instance of NCOs - abbreviations or ‘slang’ is acceptable unless stated otherwise.

    REG 4. In the subject of Dual-Enrollment/Enlistment in other clans, Mil-Sim units, or otherwise, the enlisted or commissioned personnel are subject to as follows:

    1a - Dual-Clanning is allowed for all units post 1973+

    2a - Said third-party clan may not impede or otherwise bid harm or malice unto 25th operations or effectiveness.

    REG 5. ALL appointments of NCOs shall be dealt with by Command Staff.

    REG 6. Chain-of-Command MUST be followed on all matters addressing the unit. The COC as of OCTOBER is as follows:

    1a - Squad members must report to their ASL(Assistant Squad Leader) or SL(Squad Leader).

    2a - ASL/SL billets may approach PLT COM(Platoon Command) and address any items/articles in question.

    3a - Squad members may approach the Platoon Sergeant about extraordinary issues pertaining to other squads, or platoon functionalities.

    4a - If consulting the Lieutenant, the Platoon Sergeant MUST be consulted before referral, or unless otherwise approached by said Lieutenant.

    REG 7. All trainings, qualifications, or miscellaneous unit doings MUST have an NCO present(E-4+) in order to be considered ‘official’ and ‘valid’.

    REG 8. In the instance of NCOs(E-4+), Steam tags MUST be worn at all times, or said NCOs may face demotion. NCOs whom entered incumbent status before the date 10/9/2016 will be ‘Grandfathered’, however, encouraged to lead by example.

    REG 9. In the instance of Commissioned Officers(O-1+), Steam tags MUST be worn at all times.

    REG 10. Command Staff reserves the right to remove any individual from any position at any time.

    REG 11. ‘Military Police’ will herein be officialized on the date of 10/10/2016.

    REG 12. SOP - Standard Operating Procedure - must be followed. This includes training drills, equipment loadouts, and so forth, as designated by your ordinate command.

    REG 13. Unless reservations otherwise are expressed by a member of Command Staff, NO enlisted person(s) shall fly, utilize, or operate any fixed-wing or rotary aircraft. All infringements will be dealt with case-by-case.

    1a - Unofficial missions do not render application unto this rule, and enlisted shall not be punished for such.

    REG 14. Un-qualified possessions/weaponry shall be, if need be, forcibly removed from the individual(s) in question.

    REG 15. Members whom are under the age of 17 MUST recruit one(1) other individual prior to, or upon, enlistment, beyond the date of 10/10/2016.

    REG 16. The OFFICIAL ‘Modpack’ is as follows;

    1a - UNSUNG 3.0

    2a - ACE

    3a - TFAR

    4a - CBA_A3

    REG 17. Recruiting members from the 25th ID to other units will not be tolerated. See UR-1092016-4.

    REG 18. In official operations or training(s), the death(s) of non-combatants will be rectified with disciplinary action or investigation by the Military Police.

    REG 19. Utilization of wheeled, tracked, maritime, or miscellaneous vehicles while on post is prohibited, unless otherwise stated by a supervising NCO or Officer.

    REG 20. Salutes unto officers are required.

    1a - Salutes unto officers whilst in the field or ‘hot zone’ is prohibited.

    REG 21. Friendly-Fire will not be tolerated.

    REG 22. Insubordination - martially or otherwise - shall be punished and/or reviewed in a case-by-case basis, and shall not be tolerated.

    REG 23. Publicly antagonizing and/or conflicting with another individual will result in a form of non-judicial/written punishment.

    REG 24. Members of the 25th Infantry Division MUST be apart of the Steam-Group.

    REG 25. All members MUST be apart of the ‘ArmA Units’ page. https://units.arma3.com/unit/25th

    REG 26. Drama; plain and simple - will get you banned.

    REG 27. All Active 25th ID members must be logged into Teamspeak if they are on their computer. Exemptions will be made on case by case basis. If you have questions, comments or concerns, reach out to your chain of command

    These article(s) are subject at all times to reworking, addition, and removal of particular item(s).