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Recent Discharges & Reserve Privileges

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Posted 05 December 2016 - 05:11 AM


Golf Company Command

Schofield Barracks

Honolulu, Hawaii



  Some of you may be inquiring upon the series of mass-discharges we have been delegating to many individuals. Fear not; for those who were receiving such have not reported since their enlistment - and all come from the 82nd ITB. With such at hand, we at Company thought it would be wise to outline the privileges and accessory information as needed for inactive reserve and/or active personnel(who might be in these categories).


 As per orders from HHC, all Battalion Reserve participants fall under these new pretenses of incumbent status. From this point forth, members of Battalion Reserve do NOT have to:

  • Show up to mandatory trainings
  • Show up to mandatory meetings
  • Attend operations
  • Report to their Chain of Command outside of BR(IRR)

But, with such in mind, they are limited to the following restrictions:

  • Battalion Reservists may NOT attend more than one(1) operation a month
  • Battalion Reservists may NOT Zeus in unofficial, official, or missions otherwise
  • Battalion Reservists may NOT be promoted
  • Battalion Reservists are not eligible for any awards, ribbons, or extraordinary accolades outside of what they may/may not have earned during active duty.

The purpose of Battalion Reserve is for those who legitimately do not have time, but wish to retain some form of status whilst in the unit. Furthermore, it up until this point seemed to be a 'dumping grounds' for slackers, whom in which would find excuses to not attend active status functions. Of course, all above stipulations may be waived by an O-2+ with Company approval.


Furthermore, this brings in a new wave of active prerequisites and regulations. We understand that your life doesn't resolve around ArmA, or us - despite some of our egos being larger than Death Star II, but, your status - and enlistment into the unit is basically an agreement that you will contribute to your environment to the best of your ability. Active rosters are practically for our - as we wish and put it - die hard members, who are here for the 25th - not some sideshow shit to simply 'pass the time' in between your CSGO matches. Preexisting rules and regulations still apply, such as the ability to dual-clan(post 1973 era), and so on - however, these new rules outlined below MUST be followed.

  • All active duty personnel - if online/playing other games/idling, must attend all Mandatory trainings(typically there is one every week or two). If you can not show up, all we ask is a good reason why. If you are caught skipping out on all of the 'boring stuff' just so you can show up when it suits you, quite frankly, you do not belong here.
  • All active duty personnel whom do not abide by the above stipulation are subject to punishment ranging from demotion, all the way to discharge.

To sate any questions that may arise from these, I believe it is appropriate to take the time to explain the 'what if' questions that surround such regulation. We understand that you have real life obligations and commitments, and will gladly work with them - so long as you let us know. However, simply just "I don't want to", while you have every right as a free individual to come and go as you please - will not suffice. We try and cater, truly, we do, however, we need people here for the unit - not just themselves. But this doesn't mean all of these 'mandatory trainings' will be common, or boring - it is just we need you to know some of these things to increase operational performance. Mandatory training isn't just 'show up and dick around'; there is knowledge there that matters.


All active personnel who have a problem with the above, please see Company, and we can move you to reserves.


All personal questions, grievances, or writ of disdain can be forwarded to myself - or your platoon leaders.


With thanks,

-Golf Company Command


Feel free to reply.


"Shit, there's a training?"


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